Praying in the Streets

Last night after prayer and worship we made a corporate decision to forgo grilling Jesus Burgers in favor of hitting the streets.  We broke up into groups, walking around Isla Vista and stopping to share a word of encouragement and offer prayer.

At one point I was with two guys from the ministry house.  We took a walk down Sabado Tarde, talking about God and looking for anyone with crutches.

We passed a petite brunette heading in the opposite direction. The Lord gave Daniel a word of knowledge and he jumped on it, calling out, "Excuse me, are you a dancer?"  She stopped in her tracks and told him that she was.  Bingo.

We crossed the street to talk with her.  As he saw her up close, Chris realized they had met a month before when he and a friend had escorted her and her intoxicated roommate safely back to their apartment.  

It was clear that God was pursuing her.

As she shared her story, she began to cry, confessing that she had experienced the hardest six months of her life.  With three friends dying in three months, a DUI and an MIP (Minor in Possession), she was overwhelmed.

"I used to be so devoted to God" she said, "but for the last two years I've strayed away.  Now life has gotten so hard and I'm dependent on alcohol."  Tears streamed down her face.  She was broken, desperate, and longing to know God again but filled with shame and disappointment at how far she had fallen.

She let us pray for her and God showed us how he loves her as his daughter and how he could come and heal her pain and restore joy to her life.  We got her number and invited her to come to church with us the next day.

"Normally I work every single Thursday and Saturday" she said, "except this week I'm off.  Please send me a text message tomorrow and I will come."

Praise the Lord for his his faithful love to leave the 99 in pursuit of the one.

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